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Opakowania reklamowe

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opakowania reklamowe
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About us

APRIT Packaging has been operatint on the marekt fof 13 years. We are the producer of plastic film packagings from heat-sealable printed and unprinted materials. We produce doypack sachets, stan up doypacks with spout or with zipper, pouches with bottom and sachets. 

We specialize in packaging production including high-quality polythene bags, imprinted slidegrip bags, doypack, stand up bags with zipper, zipper slider bag with printing, sachets with zipper

We have our own printer, the newest machines necessary for production of advertising bags, slidegrip bags as well as well-trained staff to operate them

Our company is formed by the team of professionals from packaging and printing sectors as well as qualified sales department.

Our long experience in advertising and slidegrip bags allows us not only to efficiently serve our client but also to approach their needs individually.

Knowing that extraordinary packaging testifies high-quality products and strengthens the position of the brand, we do our best to offer our client supreme size and colour of a bag or label.

We conform our offer to our clients’ aesthetic and financial expectations. The purpose of the bag together with expectations towards its functionality is important as well.

A crucial benefit and, undoubtedly, convenience for a client is an overall service in the field of advertising bags, slidegrip bags and other products. One supplier-advisor for all needs is certainly a time economy and dedication in better knowing of the co-operator.




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