opakowania foliowe worki torby reklamowe opakowania worki foliowe opakowania foliowe torby reklamowe torby reklamowe
opakowania foliowe          
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Opakowania reklamowe

koperty foliowe tasmy samoprzylepne
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opakowania foliowe
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opakowania reklamowe
worki foliowe

Technical requirements for advertising materials sent to us

General requirements Ready design we receive in electronic version on CD, CD-RW or email – files up to 5 MB on grafika@aprit.com Clients which prepare designs on their own should consult with us parameters of their order. PC computers Adobe Illustrator Files .ai or .tiff with attached fonts. ...

General conditions concerning sale and delivery

General The present general conditions of delivery and payment are valid for all cases connected with our trade relations with clients in the scope of sale, delivery and payment. Divergences in the present conditions bind us only when we approve of them. The client submits only to these trade conditions also when there were other conditions attached to the client’s inquiry or ord ...

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INQUIRE formularz, który ułatwi Państwu sporządzenie zapytania   do pobrania plik pdf. ZAMÓWIENIE formularz, który ułatwi Państwu sporządzenie zamówienia do pobrania plik .pdf MATERIAŁY wymagania techniczne dla nadsyłanych materiałów reklamowych   do pobrania plik .pdf PROGRAMY DO POBRANIA Adobe Reader 6.0.1 program do przeglądania p ...

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